Международная конференция
«Слово, высказывание, текст в когнитивном, прагматическом и культурологическом аспектах»

скачать информационное письмо 2018

фотоотчёт 2018

Факультет лингвистики
и перевода Челябинского государственного университета

Адрес: 454001 Россия г. Челябинск
ул. Бр. Кашириных, 129
Телефон 8 (351) 799-72-71
(кафедра делового иностранного языка, время московское +2 часа)
Email: slovo_csu@mail.ru

Факультет лингвистики ЧелГУ

Format and Submission Guidelines

The Organising Committee reserves the right to return submitted papers for further correction (in case the listed requirements are not complied with), as well as to reject the papers, which do not meet the criteria or fit the scope of the conference. We would like to remind you that all the papers submitted must conform to the requirements listed in the downloadable template below.

Download template

Recommendations for authors

The article length should not exceed 5 pages.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Software – Microsoft Word.
  • Margins – Top, Bottom, Left, Right: 2 cm.
  • Font type – Times New Roman.
  • Font size – 14.
  • Line spacing – Single.
  • Text-indent – 1.2 cm.
  • Page orientation – portrait, no page numbering, no hyphenation, no footnotes.

The structure of the Article

  • Author’s full name (in the top right corner – initials and the last name in font-bold type, in Russian and English).
  • The name of organization (name of organization in italics, the line below in brackets – city, country, right alignment).
  • The title of the article (line below, center alignment, in CAPITAL LETTERS, in font-bold type (in Russian and English languages).
  • Abstract of the article (100-250 words, Times New Roman 12, single- spaced, in Russian and English).
  • Keywords (no less than 6 words, Times New Roman 12, single-spaced, in Russian and English).
  • The general text of the article.
  • References in the text should look as follows: [7.P.8].
  • Tables, pictures and diagrams (the name of pictures is put in a new line under the picture in italics center-aligned and begins with the abbreviation Pic. 1. The word “Table” with its number in italics has to be right aligned. A single table in the article is not numbered. The next line contains the name of the table, center- aligned).
  • References (in numerical order at the end of the article, the formatting in accordance with GOST 7.0.5 2008 “Bibliographic list of references”, in Russian and English)

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